Hashtable Fetch Modus

The Hashtable Fetch Modus is a fetch modus which only allows you to access up to 8 items at once, but certain items conflict with each other.

When this modus is active, you will see that the letters in names of items are highlighted red and blue. Consonants (blue) are worth 2 points and vowels (red) are worth 1. The points for all the letters in the item name; the total is divided by 8, and the remainder is the hash code. Each hash code corresponds to a hotbar slot: hash code 0 is the leftmost slot, hash code 1 is the second one, and so on.

Items can only be placed in the slot corresponding to their hash code.

Unlike the other early-game moduses, this one lets you access 8 different slots at once! However, you can't carry more than one stack of any item, and you can't carry certain items at the same time... such as leather(2+1+1+2+2+1+2 = 11 -> 3) and raw beef (2+1+2+2+1+1+2 = 11 -> 3).

This modus is designed for English - United States. It might not operate correctly in other languages, even other variants of English. Singleplayer is probably okay, but in multiplayer your language needs to match the server, and servers always use US English. Additionally, non-English letters won't be recognized as vowels or consonants.

This modus doesn't stop you putting items into slots that are already full. In this case, the previous item will be Ejected.

Shouting in the game chat might cause items with hashcodes matching the chat message to be Ejected. Shouting is defined as typing in uppercase and adding exclamation marks. LIKE THIS!!! For example, if you should COBBLESTONE!!! (2) it will probably eject cobblestone (2)... or gravel (2), because it has the same hash code. Shouting GO AWAY!!! (1) might eject an item with a hashcode of 1. If you don't have enough exclamation marks or don't write in capitals, this is less likely to happen.

A hashtable modus can be crafted together with an Queue Fetch Modus, Stack Fetch Modus, Queuestack Fetch Modus or Array Fetch Modus to make a combined modus, where instead of a single slot, each hash code has a column of 4 slots. Within the column, items can be accessed according to the second modus type. For example, a stack/hashtable modus will allow you to store a stack of cobblestone(2) at the same time as a stack of gravel(2), but you'll only be able to access the last one you put in. The cobblestone and gravel won't affect your ability to access items in other slots, like leather(3).