I have a blog

Date: 2024-01-09
Tags: blog-software

So, yeah, this website now has a blog.

I figured that:

  • I should do more stuff.
  • I should have a place I can link to to publish stuff.
  • Posting on Pleroma is very ephemeral. Sometimes I do something cool, and nobody reads it. We can't have that.
  • A blog is a good way to publish bigger items less ephemerally.

Back when I did a lot of Minecraft modding, I'd publish on Minecraft Forums. Of course, that isn't applicable to anything besides Minecraft. And with the crackdown on platforms - the Reddit moderator exodus, the Twitter takeover and ban waves, and other such things - that place should probably be under my own control.

I've had the domain for a long time, and it's been a dumping ground for random things that needed to be on the web, but this is my first attempt to actually make some kind of coherent website.

Here's the HTML code from the old home page. The links may be broken by the time you read this. The last few things haven't been hosted here for several years, but I put the links back for this example:

Stuff hosted here: Something broken? Old website host

This new site also coincides with me moving the site off Amazon S3. AWS stole about $40 from me with glee, so they're not getting any more. Let them step over a dollar to pick up a penny. Not that my miniscule use really affects their profits. I also stopped using Glacier for backups.

I'm currently interested in anti-commercial and small-web protocols, so this blog might later become available via NNTP, RSS, Gemini, Gopher, and HTTP, over Tor, I2P, IPv4/v6 with or without SSL, and/or IPFS.

The styling is based on; the navigation style (that will become apparent when I post more posts) is based on The Old New Thing.